Property Management

Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Clients


Any profession dealing with sales or marketing requires the salesman to have a good relationship with his clients. In fact in this field what is actually sold might be a commodity. But what achieves this sale is the degree of personalised relationship a salesman is able to develop with his customers. So much so that the next time the customer wants something, he will always look for a salesman he is familiar with to fulfill his needs.

This is even truer for property developers in Sydney, who are salesmen for real estate, a commodity which involves a lot of money. Hence to be able to convince a prospective client to shell down that huge an amount of money is difficult but not impossible. Herein even before a salesman talks about the property on sale, he has to be able to earn the client’s faith and trust.

Qualities of a good salesman

Today every profession has some amount of marketing which needs to be done- from a scientist, who has to sell the idea of his research to fund it, to property developers, who have to sell a piece of land or property to earn their money. Hence everyone should be acquainted with the qualities of a good salesman. Some important prerequisites are given below.

• A salesman should be able to talk and communicate well with the clients as clients get stressed out otherwise. Marketing is a time specific profession which means that is you are not able to convert an enquiry into a sale quickly, you lose the opportunity. In real estate, the agent should also be aware of the customer’s time frame i.e. the time within which the customer wants to achieve the sale.

• People involved with sales should maintain a good working relationship with their clients by pro-actively calling up existing customers as well as following up on new leads.

• To make a good salesman, a person has to be a good listener. This is because the more a person listens to a prospective client; the more he gets to understand what he wants. This will, in turn, help him to perfectly match up to his client’s requirements and be confident of getting the sale done. The salesman should also be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the customers.

• The salesman should be able to motivate the client to go in for a sale. He should be able to build up on a client’s enthusiasm and encourage him to such an extent that he gets inspired to buy the product on sale. This is especially true for real estate agents who deal with land and property which, in turn, involves a lot of money.