How to Bring Your Mountain Cabin Back Home with You


It happens to all of us. We’ve had a wonderful summer in some isolated cabin in a forest or mountainside and wish we could live there forever instead of coming back to the dust and grime of a city life. Unfortunately, the summer cabin is a temporary escape – or is it? What if you could bring back the magic of the forest with you to your urban apartment or suburban house? Here are some suggestions on how to do just that:
Grow Miniature Trees in Your Home
The Japanese had the right idea when they did their bonsai trees: create a small piece of artistic nature that you can carry around with you, and even give as a gift. You can either buy small pot plants to dot the counters and table tops of your home, or you can grow your own bonsai tree. It doesn’t have to artistic, but you can trim the branches and water it properly until it grows into a perfect version of the giant trees you see in the forest. Remember though that bonsais are labours of love. It will take the same amount of time to grow as the big trees in the forest.
Surround Yourself with the Smell of Wood
The best way to do that is to have timber flooring in Auckland. If you can’t afford real timber, there are companies that will do polywood floors for you and die it to match the wood of your choice. But of course, nothing matches the feel and smell of real wood.
Timber flooring made of American oak or Rimu have a distinctive look and feel that is difficult – but not impossible – to replicate. Wooden floors are easy to clean, maintain and lasts a long time, such as 10- 15 years so choose your wood wisely. Once done, walk barefoot on it and immerse yourself in the feel of a forest again. For hardwood floor installation specialists, just check this site. 
Create a Stunning Vista from a Window
A mountain or forest cabin would definitely have offered stunning vistas from its windows. To recreate that at home, you need to do the reverse of a picture window: instead of framing a window that has a beautiful view to look like a picture, you need to find a picture with a beautiful scene that you can then hang on a bare wall and maybe even have soft curtains around it, to give the illusion of a window. If the picture is realistic, people will be taken in as they are used to the concept of a picture window and their minds will create the illusion.