Tiling Skills

There are many skills that national tiles requires, to do an excellent job but at the core of their profession is the ability to enjoy heights, the desire to work outdoors and have the physical strength to lift very heavy materials and objects. There is a range of different machines and equipment they have to be familiar with and it is through an apprenticeship that they learn all the requisite skills, which they will need over the course of their career.

Even though it is generally accepted that they work a forty hour week, five days out of the seven, a building contract takes no notice of hours and days and so it is that often a tiler will be working overtime in harsh conditions to get a contract in on time, especially if the weather hasn’t been co-operating and they have had to delay due to heavy rainfall. Then it is rush to get the job in on time and they can often be seen working weekends and long after others have quit for the day juts to get all the tiles done that they can. Sometimes a client will offer a bonus if the work is finished before the contract end date and there will busy beavers at it all hours of the day to make the work progress quickly.

It is not a bad career to get into, there is usually enough work around to have a steady income and you are not stuck behind some desk somewhere, missing the outdoors and the kind of friendship you gain by working hard side by side with others. Look here for further information regarding balcony waterproofing.

Another prerequisite of the job is to do precise and thorough work, the work you do is going to keep the elements from getting inside a house and at times the roof is going to be subjected to extreme force, due to hail, great down pouring of rain and harsh winds, through all of this the roof is expected to handle the pressure and it is your job to make sure it can. Gale force winds there is nothing much you can do about and all rooves will suffer, no matter how good a job you do.

Tilers also have to be able to work with a variety of different tiles and know how they are attached to a house, this is an industry that is constantly on a learning curve as new materials are made and sometimes a homeowner wants to go back to very old materials and skills that have been lost have to be reacquired to do the job properly. Most of the time however it is just a repetition of the previous contract and you will be able to do the job in your sleep nearly, after months and years of doing the same thing time and time again. In fact it might be nice to have a challenge every now and again just so your brains don’t turn to mush.