Weather Tex is Australian based company providing best production of Australian standard cladding, fire safety claddings, wall panels etc. Our all manufactured item are beautiful and available in wide range of colours, designs and texture. We don’t compromise over the quality and each of our product is manufactured with high quality material, our manufacturing team is attentive and don’t blink an eye during the process to get the best output. Interior designers and architects have great opportunity to satisfy customer by providing them new style of interior with the help of wall panels and wall cladding. Wall cladding and panel are easy to install and increase the level of interior decoration to the highest level of beautifulness. Weather Tex in leading in the supply of Timber Weather Boards ideal for homes and we are covering areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide and beyond. 

These timber made wall claddings and wall panels are very light in weight can be applied to any kind of surface. For your interior walls, outdoor surfaces, bar fronts and ceilings our products are best to charm your home at very affordable prices and in a very short time installation process can be completed by our professionals. You can choose from our wide range of styles, colours and textures as per your choice and our wide range don’t give a customer to shop from any other point it is our strength of Weather Tex that not a single customer finds a better products in the market when compared to us regarding styles, designs, colour, textures and prices.  

This timber made products give natural look like cement made walls painted and textured with paint. When you decorate your home interior with paint, you need an expert of painting, paint with high quality and paint designer also and at the end it is much costly when compared to readymade wall claddings and wall panels. When you are planning for paint in your home you have to clear the paint where paint has to be done and wrap many accessories that can be victim of flying drops of paint like sofa, furniture and many other things which are heavy in weight and can’t be transferred to other room without disassembling. Disassembling of furniture and other heavy weight items need an expert to save item in fresh condition then also assembling is required. Both disassembling and assembling are additional cost for you. 

If you really want to save your time and want to give attractive and beautiful look to your home then there is nothing better than readymade wall cladding and wall panels with high quality material you will find in the market like Weather Tex. For more information, please log on to https://www.weathertex.com.au/